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Meet Diana


Diana Klagisa

Age: 24
Base city: Riga

I am a very hard working and determined person, who always tries to set new goals in life and achieve them. I am very enthusiastic about what I do and would love to pursue my career further at WIZZ. I believe I have all the necessary social skills including being communicative, friendly, polite, open minded , approachable and well presented. I always wear my uniform with pride and honour. I also enjoy being socially active and always share photos on Instagram and Facebook showcasing Wizz Air in the best way I can. Since I was a small child I have enjoyed performing in front of an audience and it has never scared me, which helps when interacting with customers. I share my smile with 180 people at the same time, whihc reminds me why I love to be a flight attendant so much! I have always had a passion for flying and traveling, mixed with my bubbly personality I think I would make a great WIZZ Ambassador and represent our RIX base with great honour!